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Another long weekend comes to an end...and like the last few weekends it consisted of food made by friends....and movies.....

Talking of movies, PAA was a movie which leaves a sweet after taste once it gets over.... even though after having read the director's interview I feel the director went out of his way to justify Abhishek's role as a serious character and unfortunately he chose to portray that through the image of a "different" politician which for me was a distraction in the movie.....

Avtaar was a not just a movie but an experience in itself...the colors,the scenery and the whole 3D thing was something which reminded you of the magic called movie....the way it was meant before television invaded our lives....

3 idiots was a movie which has to be the pick of the lot not just because it has Amair Khan but also because it's one of those movies which reminds you of a not so distant past...the jokes in the movie are so real to campus life...like when they discover about "Human Nature"....and yes Kareena Kapoor certainly adds a lot of "likebility" to this movie....:)

and so that brings another long weekend to a close,which reminds me that in less that a week we will be stepping into a another year.....and I have this urge to wrap up this year.....like how one folds an old calender....a calender which has notes written on the dates..."need to pay bill" , "get the tickets done"...each note which at that time had significance, but now they are nothing more than some scribbles.....and so I try to mine out some memories with which I would remember this year and I keep bumping into the word commitment(there's only this much that you can avoid that word :( )...09 saw me making lots of commitment...commitment to cities , people and myself......to sum it up ,if 09 were to come in-front of me ,I would give it a tight hug and say goodbye..... 09 has been nice to me....but for now this one is for 2010...Happy New Year
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your writing has a style of its own, its got an effect like drinking tea/coffee on rainyday and looking outside the window and absorbing nature to its fullest.

This should be your tagline for 2009

2009 the house always wins - M.T!

This is like the good old days...I post and you compliment... :)

I am waiting for you to lay down arms....so that 2010 proves that "the house always wins" :P


January 4 2010, 16:26:31 UTC 7 years ago

still havent seen Avatar... hopefully soon!

Happy Ganja New Year to u! :)

Ganja in hindi means "bald" so I am not very happy with that wish of your's(I am ultra sensitive about paunch,baldness and age)just kidding...Happy "Ganja bullet Baba" New Year to you too...:)

Avtaar is a definite watch....try catching it on 3D.