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I think terrorism's root lies in lot of people accepting (rightly or wrongly )the idea that they have been wronged historically and when this idea ends up being a major part of one's identity then that guy thinks that any means is justified to correct that wrong.....and it is here that he gets an implicit  support of a society (for all his actions) which also believes that historical wrong has been done to it...and it does not help that the  media also identifies them with their religion(it's always "Islamic terrorist") which reinforces and in some ways justifies the terrorist's self perception...... ...of-course corrective actions are needed on all sides.....

Reason for the above.....well after a long time I came across a voice which according to me has some sanity in it........somehow after the Bush days not talking bravado and talking sense is interpreted as a sign of weakness.....hope there are more people with the kind of thinking that the author of this article has....

PS:I know terrorism is a much more complex phenomenon then the couple of lines mentioned above...the above according to me is just one of the component...
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