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I have often used my blog to vent my frustration about various things...which I think comes across as me being critical or cynical about them...to be honest that frustration is more of a reaction to a certain event which leads me to form opinions....rather than me having done any research or me having made an attempt to study the event in detail....Well to say that this post is a corrective post would be wrong and at the same time I think this is one of those rare times when I want to be appreciative of certain things......

First I think we need to congratulate the Media for the work they have done in highlighting the Child molestation case by Rathore......of course there is sensationalism involved ...and it fits in perfectly with the popular image of a high and mighty getting away from a crime only for the law of the land to catch up with him...but in my opinion this sensationalism is what will make the others wary of trying to do something like that...for very few  if at all any (of the high and mighty) will be able to control the media once something like this comes out and so most people would rather forgo the crime than go on to take on the media(note this furore started after Rathore was convicted)....this article has very valid points ,but somehow I am of the opinion that simply having laws will not deter criminals......it's making parents,teachers etc sensitive about these things which in the long run would prove to be more useful....Also the way "The Hindu" is highlighting the monetizing of news is something really praise worthy....I think all newspapers owe it to the public to print a disclaimer at the bottom of the paid news...

Secondly I have often been very critical of former finance minister P.Chidambaram (even though by no measure do I qualify to be his critic) yet I think PC is proving to be a much better Home Minister than a finance minister......maybe his love for economics was blinding him from the real economy.....guess there is a reason why they say love is blind......

and to end with even though I am still not convinced about the motives of the Gandhi family yet I think you got to give it to Rahul Gandhi for being a straight talker...atleast of what I have read he does come across as someone who calls a spade a spade....which is a refreshing change to start with...
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