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I have often visualized myself sitting out on a summer night with my kids when they ask me "so papa do you remember how Lara played??" or "how was it witnessing experiencing a Sachin innings " and at that point I would break out into stories of these men...stories which I would have woven when watching them play.......like that innings Lara played against South Africa where each of his stroke was a statement against the history of that nation... and at the same time a balm for his own people........when his innings was not against another team but an entire nation which had wronged his people.....or a story about that hour of play in that Perth test when a young boy named Ishanth Sharma  made one of the best batsman of our times Ricky Ponting look like a bunny.....as if in that hour of play they both were enacting that old law of nature where youth challenges the established.....and through these stories I hope the kids will get to learn something about life .....and when I am deciding which of these stories to pick up... one story will be there right at the top....it will be titled "the boy who never grew up" and I will tell them how at an age when he had nothing else to prove to the world and after two decades of being at the top a boy went out to play as if he was representing his nation for the first time........how he batted for 50 overs to score 200 runs and then came back to field not because he had too but because he wanted to.......maybe he  wanted to tell his son that even his papa has to earn all that respect...and above all I hope I can tell the kids that even though their dad could never love anything as passionately as Sachin loved loves his cricked they should in their lifetime discover something which they can be so passionate about that it makes one transcend the physicality of things..... like age,pain etc....
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