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IPL Circus

Now that Tharoor is gone the real game starts...and it would be interesting to see how powerful is Sharad Pawar after all?If he can come through this without losing much (now that Lalit Modi's job is done I guess he can be made the fodder that the Congress needs) then it would mean that Sharad Pawar is the only person who can be a counter to some extent to the all powerful Mrs Gandhi......

Also it is interesting that the Income Tax Dept of our country got suspicious of BCCI/IPL  only after this controversy broke out......this can only mean two things one is that the Income Tax  dept wants us to believe that till this thing came into the open their intelligence division simply did not think it necessary to investigate  the financial dealings of IPL or the other being the Govt of India still thinks of using the IT Dept to settle political scores (a hark back to 70's and 80's)...and either way it is very disturbing......
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