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Wise No more :)

hazaaro.n Khvaahishe.n aisii ki har Khvaaish pe dam nikale
bahut nikale mere armaa.N lekin phir bhii kam nikale

the irony of wishes is the more they come true the more wishes you start having....and so I am not sure what exactly my wish was when I wrote the below write-up...but to say that it did not work would be wrong just like saying that it worked completely would also be wrong...and so like life itself the below writeup  falls somewhere in that shade of Grey which leaves you undecided....I am posting it here for record purposes...

Lets make it short and simple I am tall, dark and (I will leave the handsome or very handsome part to your discretion.... ;) ).... What you get in me as a partner is someone who will make a sincere effort to be a good husband who will try to make you smile by cracking jokes (which you can be assured will be silly;) ) who will pull you to come for a walk or a drive on those breezy evenings(and most of the other time will come across as the laziest person you have known).... who will fuss a lot about keeping awake at night and yet will suddenly out of the blue insist that we spend the night under the gaze of stars.... who will tell you stories some real and lots of them made-up and above all will not tell you he loves you... if he does not mean it....... if interested lets just exchange mails and if both of us think we click then of course we can look at the future together

I am hoping to meet someone who has a pleasant personality is mature, independent ,well read, a good conversationalist and good looks always helps all in all someone who knows to have fun with a somewhat boring guy...:)

Well if your marriage portal write-up makes the transition from the marriage portal to your blog ,then it means that even you are making that transition  ...and just when I was getting ready to send the invites the below lines came to me and guess they say it all

they say Good Men Marry wise Men don't....
but the catch is that a wise man knows...
the right time to let the "wise man" in him go....
and so ...
soon I will be wise no more.....

PS:I got to stop listening to this song which was a personal anthem for a very long time :)
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