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Politics :)

It's been a while and I was not even sure if LJ still exists...apparently it does....Well two recent events had me thinking....and what better place to think out loud than LJ

The first is the election results in US....and what does it mean for democracy...I mean everyone knows that US is going through a very tough time and no matter who the leader is, he/she will need time to sort the economy out...under such circumstances if the President gets such a resounding vote of no-confidence that too within two years then what is he do? I mean in this day n age of instant gratification do we expect our leaders to fix humongous issue in an instant and if that instant solution does not come are we replace them with someone who promises an instant solution even though we all know that there is nothing like an instant solution......What this makes me believe is that democracy as is being practiced in US is good only as long as the going is good....when it comes to a crunch situation the voters do not think..instead they use the vote as a "anger expression tool" which really does not serve much purpose.....

The second event is much closer home and involves the 2G scam......this again I think is a result of the way democracy is being practiced in India....for starters you have the coalition compulsion which means that any party which sees itself as indispensable in the government  will indulge in corruption for the simple reason that it could be the only chance it gets to swindle such huge amount of funds....having said that it's a moot point to ask what was our PM doing while this loot was going on...well here again the peculiarity of the way in which this present dispensation works.....I will call it the distortion of democracy.....you have a party which gets votes because of the Gandhi family.......and yet that family decides to outsource governance to someone who has no political stake....this way you get to enjoy the power without any responsibility..and in case say the PM were to raise a banner of revolt he could easily be replaced....so I think the Gandhi family is equally responsible for this mess as much as the PM is.....and even though I know that our present PM's contribution to our country is huge he would do the nation a huge huge favor by showing some real leadership by coming forward to explain to the general public how and where it went wrong...

and to end..... do I think that corruption will end because of this exposure...I don't think so...but yes I think if we continue to have exposures like these then what may happen is corruption itself will become an expensive business to indulge in and that in turn may lead to it being reduced......
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