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How does one define a moment which forever changes your life......that moment which you have been visualizing for over 9 months..or maybe more......it's all so action filled, the doctor almost shouting... "girl you got to push harder","no you are not doing it correctly"..the mid-wife getting on a small table and helping your wife push...and all that while you are holding your wife by her head and whispering something which you don't remember because that moment when the baby emerges time freezes....you forget that your wife had been in labour pain for almost forever.....all that we wanted during that labour time was the baby to come out......in-fact I wondered to myself if it was all worth it...going through all that pain.....and yet when I started the conversation with my baby for the first time I forgot that frustration and all that I remembered was the journey me and my wife took over these 9+ months ...from the time she told me about her pregnancy to the final delivery......

Well to start where it kind of started...sometime last year my wife informed me that she was pregnant and like all guys brought up on standard Bollywood fare I reacted the way they show in movies but looking back I am sure that the news had not sunk in...it was only during our first visit to the doctor did I realize how unprepared I was....the doc showed us a scan and looking at all that black-n-white stuff on the screen I imagined a face and was thrilled thinking I was seeing my baby's face only to be told that a small flicker in that screen was my baby's heart..... and that flicker ended up controlling our heart beats each time we visited the doctor as it told us that the baby was doing ok...and as time passed the bump started growing....we started talking to the bump and trust me nothing can give you more happiness than your baby reacting to your voice.....it's like all your hopes for the future which is still taking shape in a womb were giving an affirmative answer to you...... 

In someways I think, that is the thrill of becoming a parent...you are creating something of yourself and throwing it into the future with the hope that someday the small bundle of joy will end up being a fine human being you can be proud of.....

While we teach our kids all about life.
Our kids teach us what life is all about.*

Here's hoping that this journey will be a beautiful for us.

*quotation was shared by a friend it's not mine :)
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