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The other day when I was going out for an hour or so the weather was quite good but then in Singapore it rains only when you expect it to and at other times when you least expect it to....and hence while coming back ,the rain like those kids who stand behind a door too "booh" you pounced on me...one of the things that happen when you are galloping in your thirties is that you start complaining/fussing about everything ...on how one should be more careful to remember to carry an umbrella ...need to have  a hot drink to avoid cold etc etc (guess there's a reason why they call it the mid-life crises) ....And so I reached home and it's only when I stepped in did I realize that I had completely forgotten to protect my phone.....I was dreading getting it out of my front pocket.....I was sure this was just a continuation of my phone jinx....but lo behold.....the phone was perfectly dry and was working like a charm...it is at this point did I realize that this miracle had been made possible only because of my paunch(a large one at that..)it had acted like a natural cover to my phone......and so now I have a valid reason for having a paunch....no more excuses like paunch is an index of prosperity ...or a scale of my wife's culinary skills...it's simply there to see me through a rainy day.....

On another note....for a very very long time and in-fact till today, eyes have a very prominent role in my notion of beauty....and so these days when many people especially my neighbors and all comment on my daughters eyes and say they are very beautiful....I wonder if it's GOD's way of smiling at me for having had those notions back in the days and to some extent even today :)
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