I'm Tee.......MT (mahesh_tee) wrote,
I'm Tee.......MT

Lee Kuan Yew

Really saddened with the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.....such men with such leadership skills are probably impossible to comeby again......and though for sometime now he had withdrawn himself from the public life and had by most accounts a very purposeful and fullfilling life I wish he had been healthy enough to see the 50 year celebration of Singapore...in some ways it would been a good symbolic event ,of his witnessing the culmination of all his life's hardwork.....

Somehow I cannot think of not comparing this to Sir Don not getting those four runs in his final innings....wonder if it is God, who cannot be just that little bit extra magnamious to let us have the happiness of achiving these symbolic miletstones....or is it us humans being so greedy that even after such a memorable and fullfilling life we still end-up being sad about some symbolic milestones not being met...:(

RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
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