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I was sure that I would not be posting anything related to the scams that are tumbling out in the Indian media.....but then.....

I think the general impression we tend to have is that law will catch up with the culprits sooner or later but I think the politicians know it very well that it is the Judicial process in India that is their biggest shield.....I mean they know it very well that once things come into the open and becomes a part of the judicial process it will take anywhere between 20 to 25 years for the process to reach completion....and after that one still has an option of re-appealing etc...the biggest proof of this is the case of Satyam founder Ramlingam Raju...here is a guy who gave a confession letter saying he had committed a crime and yet his sentencing has still not been done......on the other hand there was Bernie Madoff in the US who too confessed to his crime and not only is his sentencing been completed but he is also paying in other terms like him not being able attend his son burial which shows the social  ostracization Madoff has been subjected to compared to Raju who is still regarded as a hero who treaded the wrong path.......

In the telecom scam there has been a loot of the public resource but you still find the govt. on the one hand making a farce that it is investigating the issue by carrying out raids (after two years of the crime) and  on the other Mr. Sibal trying to defend the indefinsible by coming out with statements like govt should not treat telecom as a revenue generating source (so Mr Sibal should we give everything free to the private enterprise so that "aam adami" can get to use the resource cheaply.....while based on sheer volumes the companies make insane profits???) to the more recent statement that CAG report is errenous...then Mr Sibal why is your govt conducting raids etc? are you suggesting that raids were carried out based on media reports and court orders or more correctly  as Mr Sibal knows the truth that these raids  are an eyewash and don't count anyway???it's sad that a man who is being praised for trying to reform the education system and one credited with a very high intellect takes the "aam aadmi" to be a moron....but then truth is the political class gets away with so much loot that "aam adami" must be a moron to still have his faith in the system and go out to vote for these guys election after election.....
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